Radio’s New Wave

In Radio’s New Wave studio we dived into the art and craft of radio feature making to explore, analyse, experiment, play with and generally push the boundaries of this ‘strikingly vibrant form of creative expression’.

We went deep into the unique attributes of ‘radio’ and affordances of sound in storytelling – it’s relationship to music and oral narratives, it’s capacity to wrap the listener within a 3D frameless space and its’ power to tell ‘stories about things we cannot see’.

For the first two thirds of semester we were thrown into the thick of it  – reading about, listening to and analysing a wild mix of global sounds, tooling up on professional editing and recording equipment and producing/reflecting on an individual folio of five non-fiction works exploring different approaches to manipulating sound.

During this information and experience ‘dump’ we found our feet – or sound – in this space. Then – each forged their own path for the final production assignment. This series of works/reflections express our range of interests in further exploring experimental, dramatic, journalistic and poetic approaches to audio features and developing Radio’s New Wave.

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