Project Three presentations

The plan is to use the first assessment presentation to draft and finalise what will be presented later in the mid-semsester critique. Below is two sets of criteria for:

1. The Project Three presentation in week 7
2. The mid-semester critique presentation in wk 8.

Week 7, Project Three presentation

In this context, the main aim of this presentation is to share with the studio group what you have done.

In this 3 hour studio session, these presentations will be longer. It is useful to use this time to hear as a group what was sketched and what will be focused on project 4 in some detail. Think of this presentation as a long draft that will be edited down into a shorter presentation for the mid-semester critique.

It is crucial that each group meet the maximum duration so we can get through all the groups.

Presentation time 10-12 minutes.

1500 words takes around 11 minutes. (time converter for speeches)

I suggest you create a shared google doc and write your presentation to the 1500 word length. Have a good understanding of how the presentation will be shared in terms of the durations and what will be covered.

Structure is a follows:

a. Give your hybrid inquiry a title. Make this title work for you in regards to communicating your research inquiry.

b. Context – Briefly remind us of your original case study, the genre/type of online video practice you are working with.

c. Context – Tell us what your probe is and how you got there if necessary. Make sure your audience are provided with a very clear picture of what your probe is looking to explore. Think of using two different ways to communicate this… i.e repeat it in two different ways using different visual material to illustrate it clearly

d. Show your sketches. However, you will not have time to show them all. I suggest providing an overview of what you did and then focus on the ones that you want the most feedback on. Focus on a discovery or discoveries you made – things that you think are special or unique that potentially warrant further investigation in your major project/prototype.

e. Future directions – put forward what you plan to take on into Project Four for further investigation.

f. Raise any issues, problems and questions you want considered for feedback, and critique.

Week 8, Mid-semester critique presentation

In this mid-semester critique session we are working with a 2 hour time slot. I would like there to be time for discussion and feedback. Therefore each group will have a strict 5 minutes to present their material, with 5 minutes for feedback.

I suggest following the same structure above only now you have to cut your talk down by over a half. Therefore you will need to tighten everything up.

The main objective of this presentation is to treat it like a pitch to your client (i.e. the panel). You want to help them understand as clearly and succinctly as possible what you are doing, and what you have discovered and plan to explore in Project Four.

The key aim is to utilise this opportunity to get feedback on your idea and what you plan to do for Project 4.

Please note I will provide some context beforehand to the panel, mainly on the process we have gone through so far and the key objectives of the studio. i.e. to create hybrid narrative/non-narrative forms of online video practice.


Tips for presenting well.

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