PROJECT THREE – sketching ideas

(Revised previous post which makes these a guide rather that mandatory) This means these criteria are not mandatory – instead they may used to inform the creation of some sketches or none of them, it is up to each group to decide…

Ideas that may be useful to inform some of your sketches in PROJECT THREE.

TWO sketches that explore the concept of “non-narrative” in relation to the (Bordwell and Thompson reading), i.e. “categorical, rhetorical, abstract and associational”.

ONE sketch (Working from Bassets’s “Anti-narrative” reading) that uses an “(…algorithm) to select/order certain assets”.

ONE sketch that works with the notion of sampling as means to form relations between parts and create a non-narrative or anti-narrative form. (This may involve using services or tools that utilise sampling as a process). i.e The work of Jonathan Harris shown in the studio.

ONE sketch that aims to integrate different “genres” of online video practice. i.e video reviews with game videos etc.

TWO sketches that work with online video services or tools as a means to explore a hybrid form.

7 Group criteria:

Each group is expected to devise 7 of their own criteria and document this on their blog. The URL to this blog entry will need to be sent to your teacher for feedback.

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