PROJECT TWO presentation

The format for the PROJECT TWO presentation for assessments now becomes more formal as part of the assessment.

How long are we expected to present?
For 7-10 minutes maximum. (preferably not less than 7 minutes)

What sort of visual information is required?
Prior to presenting your sketches you will need to present your ‘concept statement’ and provide the context needed to evaluate the sketches. It will be important to use whatever visuals you have to communicate your ‘concept statement’ and how it was conceived from the case study you are using. Be open to creating visuals that may make it easier to understand. Then the priority will be to show the TEN sketches.

What would the structure possibly look like? (this is not a precedent but is a good starting point)
i. The case study example/s – what it is in a brief but clear overview
ii. The concept statement (written out in text)
iii. Visual images that help your audience understand your concept statement and how it connects to your case study.
iv. Clarification of how your inquiry is exploring the studio prompt and hybrid narrative/non-narrative forms.
v. The sketches and what they are exploring in relation to the concept statement.
vi. Observations, conclusions in relation to what you will focus on in PROJECT THREE.

How will the sketches and presentation be assessed?
Refer to the PROJECT TWO assessment criteria and ask questions if you are unclear. A preliminary assessment will be conducted during the presentation then finalised after the studio.

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