Useful Links

Part B Course Guides Media 3; Media 5; OVE Studio Guide

  • OVE weekly & semester schedule (google doc viewable using RMIT student email)
  • Submission dates/times:
    PROJECT ONE – Wk 2, Friday 13 March 9.30am (in studio)
    PROJECT TWO 15% – (Amended) Wk 5, Monday 30 March 9.30am (in studio)
    Concept statement
    Project Two presentation

    PROJECT THREE 25% – Wk 7, Friday 24 April, 9.30am (in studio)
    PROJECT THREE – SPECULATIVE SKETCHING (hypothetical example)
    Project Three & mid-semester critique presentation criteria

    PROJECT FOUR 40% – Wk 13, Friday June 5th

    PROJECT THREE – Sketching criteria
    PORTFOLIO 20% – Wk 13, Friday June 5th

    Activities to support your learning and professional practice:
    Media Program Presentation and Exhibition wk 14

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