99. Conclusion

There is indeed a lack of females in creative roles in the cinema industry as the statistics that outline female participation are still incredibly low. The previously mentioned examples demonstrate the many flaws in the cinema the film industry, in particular Hollywood. This essay has not served the purpose of arguing that involving a larger amount of women in the film industry is the panacea to all of these problems, nor is it the sole cause.

Having said that, gender diversity in the film industry can serve to challenge the patriarchal ideologies that are perpetuated through films. The aforementioned case studies do demonstrate that the way men represent women in film is vastly different to the way women in the film industry represent women. This is important as the misrepresentation of women on screen does have serious repercussions off screen. Female-domestic gender stereotypes, violence against women and white-washing in films is commonplace and is normalised through films. More females are required in creative roles in order to challenge the stereotypical representations that permeate film media.




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