What do you STREAM?

For the casual viewer, watching a series has never been easier. In 2015, there has been a take-off of online streaming platforms that now give users access to a vast array of high definition content, through a monthly subscription basis. This development in how we access and consume our ‘television’ series’ now has changed the culture of watching your favourite show. No longer do audiences need to wait a whole week for the next episode to air, or miss out because they cannot commit to a weekly timeslot. Whole seasons of dramatic content are available at once, for users to consume at their leisure. This has spawned what is known as ‘binge watching,’ which is a relatively new concept in terms of accessing episodic content. A consumer can sit down and watch an entire season of half-hour episodes in one sitting if they so desire. This is breaking away from the traditions of sitting down at the same time to watch a favourite show, coupled with several commercial breaks that detract and break up what would be a hour-hour viewing experience and turn it into an hour long saga. Many users are now seeking online subscription to avoid this, and this is why have seen such a rise in the popularity of online streaming websites that offer a catalogue of high definition options.

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